Cat goes fishing удочки

Cat goes fishing удочки

This guide requires updating for the Halloween Update 2019.

This guide sets out to give the player what they need to succeed in Cat Goes Fishing.
Information included within: Game basics, Fish, Hats, Rods, Rod upgrades, Boats, Shops, Maps, Making money, Achievements and more!

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This guide assumes the player is playing Realism Mode however this guide is still relevant to those playing Classic Mode.

Recent News:
Cat Goes Fishing received an update on 30/10/19
I will attempt to update this guide as quickly as possible

This guide tries to encompass most of the content in Cat goes Fishing in order to help the player.
For other sources of information there are several youtube creators who have provided many walkthrough videos of content for Cat Goes Fishing. There are also other guides available on Steam.

This guide includes information on:

    Game Modes

Weather / Time (I only briefly touch upon this topic)

Shops & Extras (E.g. Rockets, Sonar etc. )

  • Fish
    • 100% of fish for each category are shown in their respective overviews however only some fish have «Guides» on how to catch them. This is because the large majority of fish will just be found by progressing through the game naturally and don’t have any particular unique methods or locations when it comes to finding and catching them other than occasionally you’re required to be persistent.
    • The new fish added to the game on 21/04/18 have been added to the guide
    • Fish prices in game may change over time

  • Effective methods of making money

  • Achievements
    • Including the most recent «Escape The Map» achievement!
  • If you wish to find any information about a certain specific topic e.g. Cave Shark, I recommend you to use CTRL F. Alternatively just go to their respective category and browse through it. Thank you.

    Before going through this guide please keep in mind that it may contain what you’ll consider to be spoilers.
    This is especially true if exploration and discovering the ins and outs to this game is something you wish to accomplish by yourself.

    I just feel this is an obligatory notification to give to you, the player.

    Please enjoy the guide and if you have any questions or requests about a specific aspect then please write a message in the comments section at the bottom of this guide and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

    The first time you begin Cat Goes Fishing you will be presented with the choice of two game modes.

    Ultimately the game modes break down simply into these differences


      • Fish pull on the line / can snap the line
      • Can unlock all achievements in Realism Mode


      • Fish won’t fight back
      • Not all achievements are available to unlock in Classic Mode

    I would recommend the player choosing Realism mode. I perceive realism as more fun due to the fish being difficult in some circumstances as well as the player being able to unlock all achievements.

    If you wish to change to the other game mode you will have to press ‘ESC’ and start a new game in which you will be presented with the choice of game mode again

    There are 3 types of weather to experience in Cat Goes Fishing

    • Day
    • Night
    • Stormy


    • Most common condition
    • Largest variety of fish

    Night — Unlocked at level 16

    • Much fewer small fish
      • The player will mostly have to fish deeper in order to catch small fish
      • The Bait Hat works well at night
    • Decreased overall variety of fish
    • Cave fish will venture out from caves
    • Noctis will appear
    • Wearing the Nightfall hat = «The sun never rises, and storms are more frequent.»

    Without the Nightfall hat the game follows this cycle for day and night:


    • Essentially Night with lightning effects
    • Similar fish as Night
    • The Stormy fish will surface

    There is most likely much more to both Storms and Night than what this guide provides information on in their regards.

    This Section Will Cover:

      • Small Bait
      • Medium Bait
      • Large Bait
      • Live Bait
    • There is no level requirement for access to any bait

    Small Bait

    • Will start with this bait. No fish required.
    • Can only catch Small Fish.
      • Medium, Large and Huge Fish may steal bait.

    Medium Bait

    • Obtained by casting back into the water with a Small Fish still on the hook.
    • Can catch Small and Medium Fish.
      • Bait Protection attachment / upgrade will prevent Small Fish from biting.
      • Large and Huge Fish may steal bait.

    Large Bait

    • Obtained by casting back into the water with a Medium Fish still on the hook.
    • Can catch all fish types — Huge Fish and Other Fish may still have additional requirements.
      • Bait Protection attachment / upgrade will prevent Small Fish and Medium Fish from biting.
      • Huge Fish may steal bait if their requirements are not fully met.

    Live Bait

    • Requires a Huge Hook to function as bait.
    • Large Fish and Huge Fish cannot be used as live Bait.
    • There are 6 rods in total
    • The rod shop is unlocked at level 2.
    • Purchasing of 1 rod reveals another available for purchase.
    • For max depths of rods with the Sinker attachment / upgrade please view the World Maps section of the guide.

    Rods descend in order of price / rank.

    Basic Rod

    • Free — Starting Rod
    • 3 Slots available for attachments
    • Unable to touch the sea floor

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    Good Rod

    • $750
    • 4 Slots available for attachments
    • Unable to touch the sea floor

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    Power Rod

    • $10,000
    • 5 Slots available for attachments
    • Capable of touching parts of the sea floor

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    Quick Rod

    • $35,000
    • 6 Slots available for attachments
    • Capable of touching most of the sea floor. Ineffective for caves

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    Great Rod

    • $180,000
    • 7 Slots available for attachments
    • Effective for sea floor and Decent for caves

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    Master Rod

    • $320,000
    • 8 Slots available for attachments
    • Best Rod available in the game. Effective for sea floor and caves

    Max Depth:
    Cast Only

    • There are 18 Rod Attachments / Upgrades available in cat goes fishing
    • Rod Attachments / Upgrades become available as you level up

    Diving lure — Unlocked at level 2

    Scouting — Unlocked at level 4

    Rising lure — Unlocked at level 7

    Bait Guard — Unlocked at level 9

    Cast finesse — Unlocked at level 10

    Attract — Unlocked at level 11

    Repel — Unlocked at level 11

    Gauge — Unlocked at level 12

    Improved Crank — Unlocked at level 13

    Detonator — Unlocked at level 17

    Stealth Bait — Unlocked at level 19

    Retract — Unlocked at level 21

    Crank Bait — Unlocked at level 22

    Bomb Stack — Unlocked at level 24

    Sinker — Unlocked at level 25

    Cast Shield — Unlocked at level 26

    Glitter Bait -Unlocked at level 28

    Flick — Available after snagging your line on the sea floor for the first time

    • The quickest method of unlocking Flick is to allow a fish such as the grumper to sink your line to the sea floor
    • Alternatively you can just wait until you unlock Sinker and allow the fishing line to sink to the sea floor

    Boats are the main form of transport. The boat you have determines the distance you can cover.

    • The Boat Shop is unlocked at level 8
    • All boats are available for purchase at the opening of the Boat Shop
    • You do not have to purchase the boats in order

    • To view the max distance of boats on the world map / cave map please go to the World Maps section of the guide.

    Basic Boat

    • Holds a maximum of 5 fish

    Good Boat

    • Can carry up to 8 fish
    • Approximately same speed as basic boat

    Speed Boat

    • Costs $240,000
    • Can carry up to 6 fish

    Speed difference VS Basic Boat:

    Dark Boat

    • Costs $360,000
    • Approximately same speed as basic boat
    • Causes the bulb timer to count down slower, extending the time of the bulb
    • Can carry up to 6 fish
    • Travels significantly further than the speed boat

    Luxury Boat

    • Costs $720,000
    • Can carry up to 8 fish
    • Furthest travelling boat

    All hats apart from the Explorer hat will spawn randomly along the sea floor or in cave entrances. To find all hats you will be required to scour the sea floor. Hats are also found sinking to the bottom when they first spawn.

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    Each hat offers its own perk.
    There are 26 hats in total to acquire. Each hat is assigned a category. These categories are:

    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Legendary
    • Discovered
    • Mythic

    At level 20 the player unlocks the Hatalog. This is a catalog of the hats you have found enabling you to purchase them and allows the player to see the % of hats they’ve found.
    All hats apart from Mythic are available for purchase when obtained for the first time through fishing.
    All hats apart from Discovered can be found sinking to the bottom or resting on the sea bed.

    List of all Hats in Cat Goes Fishing

    A guide titled ‘Cat Goes Fishing 100% Attainable Hats’ by Dr VonSpoot is also available which provides information on the perk each hat offers.

    Only selected fish are written about due to the majority of fish being widespread and easy to catch / very likely for you to catch just through casual play and progressing naturally.
    Small Fish — Part 1 Contains information of where to find / how to catch the following:

      • Bombat
      • Sassy — Added to Cat Goes Fishing on 21/04/18
      • Skrimp

    For information on how to catch both Yin & Yang please go to the section «Small Fish — Yin & Yang».

    Note!: In the image available from the catalog, the Bombat appears to be bugged in that it shows its normal image overlaying its «Biting» image.

    The Bombat is incredibly easy to catch though can be a pain in your rear end to get it to the surface without other fish eating it. To help avoid this use Bomb Stack & Detonate rod attachments to clear fish on your way down.
    You will want:

    • Quick Rod
    • Sinker

    With these two attachments you have everything you need to easily access areas where Bombats are.
    Simply sink to the sea floor and pick up a stone, then carry the stone and allow it to sink into the cave systems. A Bombat will be eager to bite it.
    Bombats will also bite Bombs however this will not catch them due to the bomb eventually exploding.


    • The Sassy was added to Cat Goes Fishing in an update on 21/04/18
    • The Sassy is the only Small Fish added on 21/04/18 not found beyond the far reef

    What you need:

    • Dark Boat
    • Quick Rod + Sinker Rod Upgrade
    • Will likely want to bomb a clearance of larger fish to prevent the Sassy from being eaten while reeling


    • The Sassy congregate as a group in close proximity to the sea bed tree


    Skrimp are very easy to catch but are only in one location (View world maps section to see exact location).
    You will want:

    • Power Rod
    • Dark Boat
    • Sinker
      • Crank Bait is ideal

    Simply sink your line to their location and drag the line through their shoal.

    Yin & YangDifficulty: 3

    The Yin & Yang fish have their own section due to the unique requirements for catching them.

    • The Yin & the Yang require being with each other before they will bite the bait.
    • The Yin & Yang are opposite sides of the map (Look at the World Maps section of the guide to see the locations of the Yin & the Yang)

    Equipment:(In bold is equipment which is definitely required)

    • Battery Pack Hat (Only Briefly required)
    • Explorer Hat
    • Starting Bait
    • Advanced Sonar
    • Master Rod, Attachments:
      • Detonate
      • Bomb Stack
      • Sinker
      • Crank Bait — Allows for easy descent
    • Luxury Boat

    Step 1 — Prep

    • Buy the Battery Pack Hat
    • Buy a light and equip 5 bombs (The light will now last for 30 minutes)
    • Sell the Battery Pack Hat
    • Find or buy the Explorer Hat

      Step 2 — Clearing

    • Using the bombs you purchased in Step 1 clear the area below:

    Step 3 — Get the Yangs attention

    • Go to the Yang with your lure

    • The Yang will form 1 fish and follow your bait

    Step 4 — Route

    • Ensure to go at a slow enough pace that the Yang doesn’t lose sight of the bait
    • Go the route as drawn on this map:
    • I would recommend to Not go out of the cave system if you are able to go through it. Leaving the caves can cause the Yang to begin swimming frantically.
    • If this happens you will not be able to get the Yangs attention again.
    • The Yang will continue swimming in a motion like this (See image below) until eventually leaving the map which will require you to close the game and reopen it in order to respawn the Yang.

    Step 5 — Combine Yin & Yang

    • Lead the Yang exactly to the Yin
    • The Yang will leave your bait to begin swimming in a circle with the Yin
      • The single Yang should return to 3 fish (If you haven’t lost any along the way)
      • You will need a minimum of 2 but don’t be alarmed if the Yang stays as 1

    Step 6 — Catching

    • Come to the surface
    • Buy bombs and ensure a clear path between the fish and your boat
    • Buy a light if yours has run out in order to keep the Moga away
    • The Yin & Yang require only starting bait
    • Catch like you would any other fish but don’t catch all 3 of 1 kind first otherwise you will need to repeat the process.

    Watch out for the Yang getting stuck in the rocks. While gathering the pictures for this guide by repeating this process I lost 2 of my Yang by them becoming lodged and stuck in the ceiling of a cave. This is why I only have a picture of a caught Yin.

    All medium fish require a small bait or higher.

    Part 1 Contains:

    • Bleaper
    • Cavin — Added to Cat Goes Fishing on 21/04/18
    • Crayfin
    • Lion Fish
    • Snoutfish
    • Stormy


    • The Bleaper is easily found at night swimming around your boat. A medium bait is required.
    • Simply hang the bait in the water nearest the boat and the bleaper will eventually bite. Reel in.
    • The description idicates the Bleaper may jump and take the bait when you haven’t cast. This may be true however I had no success when waiting 2 minutes.


    • The Cavin was added on 21/04/18
    • The Cavin is the only Medium Fish added on 21/04/18 which isn’t located beyond the far reef
    • Despite the information provided by the Catalog the Cavin can be found just outside the cave lingering above the sea floor as shown below during the day

    You will want:

    • Basic Boat
      Sinker Attachment with a rod which can reach the sea bed


    • The Cavin is located on the sea bed close to shore
    • There is a high risk of the Cavin being eaten while reeling in — Recommend using bombs to clear a path to the surface before hand


    In truth the Crayfin just needs a little bit of persistence and a slight touch of luck.

    • The Crayfin can be found at the Chompers side.
    • The Chomper will regularly steal the bait
    • Having the Chomper steal the bait the first time can cause the Crayfin to become slightly distanced from the Chomper — Making it easier to catch
    • Alternatively catch the chomper first, throw it back in and then quickly attempt to catch the Crayfin while it’s close to the boat. (There are chances you can still catch the Crayfin if you put the Chomper in the boat)
    • If the Chomper is still present it will snap the line for the Crayfin.

    You will want:

    • Power Rod
    • Dark Boat or Luxury Boat
    • Sinker
    • Crankbait

    Lion Fish

    Found at the furthest reef. The Lion Fish won’t take bait and will require a live fish.
    You will want:

    • Luxury Boat
    • Small bait
    • Huge Hook
    • Sinker
    • Crank Bait


    • Huge Hook on a small / starting bait
    • Catch a small fish found on the reef
    • Drag it to a Lion Fish
    • Lion Fish will bite and then reel in Lion Fish


    The Snoutfish can be caught by accident as it will occasionally be on the side of large fish. However if you’re impatient you can find the Snoutfish in a certain area in the cave systems (As Shown on a World Map in the World Maps Section).
    What you will need:

    • Dark Boat
    • Luxury Rod
    • Sinker


    • There is no unique method for catching the Snoutfish.


    • The Stormy comes out during storms
    • It will sit in front of a cave entrance continuously «Flicking» between facing towards the surface and facing towards the sea floor
    • The Stormy is relatively easy to catch

    You will want:

    • Quick Rod
    • Speed Boat
    • Sinker
    • There are 31 large fish in Cat Goes Fishing
    • All large fish require a large bait
    • Monetary values of fish may change over time

    Complete list of large fish in the game

    Large Fish — Part 1 Contains:

    • Bagu
    • Bonefish
    • Brimble
    • Lemonback

    Large Fish — Part 2 Contains:

    • Luifin & Mizifin
    • Nightfish Sire
    • Santu
    • Torby
    • Dragon Fish — Added to Cat Goes Fishing on 21/04/18
    • Fish are in alphabetical order
    • All large fish require a large bait.

    Large Fish — Part 1 includes:

    • Bagu
    • Bonefish
    • Brimble
    • Lemonback


    • Typically only 2 Bagu on the map at any 1 time
    • The Bagu will put up a strong fight before eventually tiring
    • Can be found swimming as a pair between Mid distance and far distance from shore (Usually far / will likely want to have the luxury Boat).


    • Bonefish are found sleeping on the cave floor just outside of the Cave Shark’s cave.
    • Bone fish will wake if a bomb detonates in close proximity to them.
    • Bone fish swim incredibly fast.


    View World Maps section for the full picture of World Map

    What you’ll want:

    • Speed Boat
    • Master Rod
    • Sinker
    • Detonator
    • Light


    • Equip a bomb
    • Go to cave floor where the Bonefish are present
    • Detonate bomb next to Bonefish to wake it
    • Once woken, with a large bait wait here:

    • Bonefish swimming around frantically should come across your bait and bite it
    • Reel the Bonefish in


    • The Brimble can be found next to the shore at middle depth.
    • Brimble sit in a vertical orientation facing either downwards or upwards.
    • The Brimble will apply constant pulling force on the fishing line.
    • Brimble take a considerable amount of time to catch compared to the majority of fish.
      • I usually voluntarily snap the line due to it being a slight pain to get them up to the boat.
      • You can see in the Sonar picture the path usually taken to bring up the Brimble.

    I moved side to side in a boat to better display how brimble edge up in a slow, gradual manner.
    The key to catching a brimble is getting the right rythem. Focus on the colour of the line and only release momentarily when it’s becoming bright red / just about to snap but quickly reel again.


    • The Lemonback resides in a deep cave underneath the far reef.
    • If you are lucky you may find them outside of the cave and in the same location as the Yin but this is unusual and not to be expected.
    • Lemonbacks will swim in a pair or as a three.


    View World Maps section for the full picture of World Map

    Minimum Requirements

    • Luxury Boat
    • Master Rod
    • Sinker

    You need to lure the Lemonback outside of the caves before allowing them to bite otherwise the line will snag. I recommend you practice quickly getting the line out of their small cave entrance before luring them.

    • Navigate your hook with a large bait into their cave and get their attention
    • Lure them out of the cave to at least the location of the Yin
    • Allow them to bite the large bait
    • Reel in
    • Fish are in alphabetical order
    • All large fish require a large bait.

    Large Fish — Part 2 includes:

    • Luifin & Mizifin
    • Nightfish Sire
    • Santu
    • Torby
    • Dragon Fish — Added to Cat Goes Fishing on 21/04/18

    Luifin & Mizifin

    • Both of these fish swim together
    • They will put up a very large fight
    • They are found around the far reef but can be either side of it.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Luxury Boat
    • Master Rod
    • Gauge x3
    • Improved Crank

    Recommended Method
    Lure these fish as close to the boat as you can before allowing them to bite the hook.

    Nightfish Sire — The Money Maker

    • The Nightfish Sire is the best method of earning money.
    • Contrary to the name they are still present during the day.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • The Good Boat
    • A large bait
    • Quick Rod + (Quick Rod will need the Explorer Hat equipped to and still requires patience for the fish to bite)
    • Sinker (Unlocked at level 25)

    Ideal Requirements:

    • Speed Boat or better
    • Master Rod + Sinker


    • Take a large bait to their location
    • Wait for them to bite

    The Nightfish Sire gives very little resistence to being caught and is easy to direct to the surface.


    • The Santu is located beyond the far reef
    • The Santu will attempt to snag the hook

    You will need:

    • Luxury Boat
    • Rocket
    • Large Bait
    • Gauge x2


    • Only 2 available in game per save file
    • Catch both Torby to unlock the achievement «Oops».

    • Both Torby are usually together however one may be swimming off in the distance but will remain fairly close in proximity.
    • One Torby will always be stationary in deep sea.

    • The player will want the Luxury Boat.
    • You only require a large bait to catch the Torby.
    • When the first Torby is caught the second Torby will begin to swim around it.

    • Resetting the Catalog does not appear to respawn the Torby if you have already caught both on your save file.

    Dragon Fish

    The Dragon Fish was added to Cat Goes Fishing on the 21st of April 2018

    • The Dragon Fish is located beyond the far reef
    • The Dragon Fish will apply continual pull on the line. Sometimes it will dive to snag the line on the sea bed, other times it will just bob along the waters surface.

    You will need:

    • Luxury Boat
    • Rocket
    • Large Bait

    Huge Fish — Part 1covers:

    • Shark
    • Tiger Shark
    • Maw
    • Sword Fish

    SharkDifficulty: 1

    • The Shark requires live bait such as a Grumper or Mustard Fish.
    • The Shark requires a Huge hook.
    • The Shark once on the line will move in a vertical orientation.
    • Catching the Shark with a basic rod will get you the achievement «Clever Cat».

    Recommended Equipment
    Hat: Surgeon — If doing Clever Cat the Surgeon Hat makes it considerably easier.
    Extra: Huge hook
    Bait: Live bait — Grumper
    Rod: Basic Rod or better, Attachments:

    • Gauge x 3


    • Locate a Grumper near to shore
    • Have a medium bait
    • Purchase a Huge hook and drop line into the water
    • Grumper will take the bait and dive
    • Maneuver the Grumper to be in the Sharks vacinity
    • The Shark will bite the Grumper resulting in it becoming hooked
    • Reel the Shark in — The Shark will both reel up and dive vertically, you will repeat this process with each period of reeling resulting in the Shark getting slightly nearer to the surface.

    Tiger SharkDifficulty: 2

    • The Tiger Shark will put up a quick bout of resistence but will easily tire and reel in.
    • Expect the first three attempts to get the Tiger Shark into the boat to be met with a sudden dive.
    • The tiger shark is approximately 15 — 20 seconds from shore when travelling in the luxury boat and found at mid depth.

    Recommended Equipment
    Extra: Huge hook
    Bait: Large
    Rod: Any but higher = better, Attachments:

    • Gauge
    • Improved Crank


    • Use a large bait and a Huge hook
    • Have it in the approximate vacinity
    • Wait for tiger shark to bite



    • The Maw can be found close to the shore slightly right to the area you’d find the Shark
      • Alternatively the Maw may be swimming around the map swallowing up Bulb Fish.
    • The Maw will be in deep sea
    • The Maw seemingly surfaces easy but will dive hard in an attempt to snag the line and give a good fight when you first get the Maw close to your boat. (Sometimes you can get lucky and it does just surface easy the entire way)
    • The Maw may have a Bulb Fish in its mouth or will be swimming around swallowing Bulb Fish.

    Recommended Equipment
    Boat: Good Boat
    Extra: Huge Hook and light
    Rod: Master Rod (A Power Rod is capable of catching the Maw). Recommened attachments:

    • Gauge x3
    • Improved Crank x3
    • Crank Bait
    • Sinker


    • Drop in line with no bait and a Huge hook
    • Wait for the sinker to reach the mouth of the Maw
    • Reel the line to catch the Bulb Fish located in the Maws mouth (Or the Bulb Fish closest to the Maw)
    • The Maw will almost instantly bite the Bulb Fish
    • Reel in the Maw
    • At times the Maw will dive and snag your line on the sea bed and not much can be done to stop it


    Sword FishDifficulty: 2

    The Sword Fish can often be found swimming near the surface. A Puff is needed to catch the Sword Fish.

    Recommended Equipment
    Boat: Speed Boat. The Sword Fish may be within reach with the good boat when it frantically swims along the surface.

    • Huge Hook — A Huge hook is not necessary, no need to purchase.
    • A light if you’re going to catch it from the deep.

    Rod: Quick Rod or better. Recommened attachments:

    • Gauge x2
    • Improved Crank x1


    • Purchase a Huge hook. — Not necessary.
    • Catch a Puff. The Puff will inflate meaning no other fish will eat the fish.
    • Using Sonar, identify the pathways of the sword fish.
    • Keep the puff dangling around these pathways.
    • Swordfish will get its nose stuck to the Puff.
    • Reel in accordingly. The Sword Fish will provide about a minutes fight then sort of concede. Once it has conceded it will still require you to reel in gradually to avoid snapping the line.


    • Locate Sword Fish’s location near the sea bed (Advanced Sonar recommended).
    • Have the Sinker attachment.
    • Buy Huge hook and catch Puff.
    • Allow Puff to sink to the depth where the Sword Fish is.
    • Maneuver the Puff and Huge Hook over the Sword Fish’s nose.
    • The Sword Fish should be relatively easy to reel to the surface. Once the Sword fish gets close to the surface it will begin to pull.

    Special thanks to Cett for highlighting mistakes involving the Sword Fish and Maw in the comments below.

    Huge Fish — Part 2 covers:

    • Moga
    • Noctis
    • Cave Shark
    • Hamahed — Added to Cat Goes Fishing on 21/04/18

    MogaDifficulty: 3

    • A good location to attempt to catch the Moga is towards the end of the map just before the reef with the Lion Fish.
    • The Moga needs a large bait
    • The Moga needs a Huge hook
    • The Moga requires darkness — Do not have a light
    • The Moga will obscure the view of the fishing line

    Recommended Equipment
    Boat: Good Boat or better. Not the Dark Boat if using a light to navigate down deep.
    Extra: Huge Hook
    Rod: Great Rod or Master Rod. Recommened attachments:

    • Gauge x3
    • Improved Crank x3


    • The Moga will have a slow but fairly easy initial ascent when using a rythmic reeling method.
    • The difficulty comes to getting the Moga into the boat.
    • The fishing line will be obscured however you will be able to see the fishing line in the Mogas mouth.
    • The key to reeling the Moga in is patience and reeling to a slow but steady rythem.
    • The rythem you employ to first ascend the Moga may need more finese for the final short stretch.


    • The Moga follows beneath your boat in deep sea.

    NoctisDifficulty 1 — 3

    • The Noctis can only be found at night or during storms.
    • The Noctis will swim at every depth in a fast, frantic manner.
    • The Noctis will grab any fish you catch and drag it around momentarily. Sometimes this results in the hook becoming snagged on the sea bed.

    Recommended Equipment
    Boat: Any Boat, better = can move more appropriately towards the Noctis.
    Bait: Large
    Extra: Huge Hook & Sonar
    Rod: Any if method is done right. Recommened attachments:

    • Gauge x2
    • Improved Crank x1


    • The Noctis takes a large bait with a Huge hook.
      • It doesn’t take live bait even though its habit of running off with your live fish might deceive you.
    • Have your line just beneath the surface of the water and wait patiently for the Noctis to bite.
      • You can use Sonar to move yourself better towards the Noctis.
    • As soon as it bites reel in as soon as possible.
    • Should easily be caught due to how near the surface the hook is.
    • If you fail to quickly catch the Noctis it can put up a large fight and can snag your line on the sea floor.


    • Everywhere / No single location

    Cave Shark Difficulty: 3

    Arguably the most difficult fish in the game to catch. The cave shark aggressively swims towards the sea bed to snag the line causing the player to start again. The cave shark will apply a lot of pull on the line which will regularly cause breaking of the line. Expect to need to take multiple attempts.

    I have caught the Cave Shark twice using the same methods. I have however seen videos on youtube where people use bombs to stun the Cave Shark before it snags the fishing line so would also recommend looking into that if my method does not help you.

    Recommended Equipment
    Hat: Battery Pack — Surgeon may seem the best option but it really doesn’t make any difference.
    Boat: Speed Boat
    Extra: Bulb
    Rod: Master Rod, Attachments:

    • Scouting (Must have)
    • Sinker (Must have)
    • Gauge x3
    • Improved Crank x3


    • DO NOT buy the Huge hook
    • Buy light bulb
    • Cast next to boat. Allow bait to sink to the bottom. (May need to clear the path in advance)
    • Pick up a rock from the sea floor
    • Continue towards shark
    • Bombat should attach to rock on the way
    • Shark will bite the bombat
    • The shark will direct itself out of the cave. Player must prevent it from touching the bottom.
    • Once out of the caves the shark will continuously attempt to snag the line

    — It will repeatedly go for this spot

    • Reel in aggressively only letting up slightly before the line snaps
    • Use the boat (This is extremely important) to help with pulling the shark away from the spot it attempts to snag the line (Must be reeling for the boat to move the shark)
    • Shark will eventually tire after multiple (Many) attempts to beach the hook

    Route the cave shark takes out:
    Areas in red is where the shark will attempt to snag the line
    Purple line represents the movement of the Cave Shark


    • For better understanding of the Cave Sharks location please view the World Maps section.

    HamahedDifficulty: 1 — 2

    The Hamahed was added to Cat Goes Fishing on the 21st April 2018

    • The Hamahed is located beyond the far reef swimming at a mid depth.

    Recommended Equipment — The Equipment I used:
    Hat: N/A
    Boat: Luxury Boat
    Extra: Huge Hook & Rocket
    Rod: Master Rod, Attachments:

    • Gauge x3
    • Improved Crank x3

    Having a large bait, Huge hook and rocket, cast out as far as you can and bring your hook to the Hamahed. The Hamahed will take the bait and begin spiralling applying medium force to the line. Tap reel to prevent breaking of the line and beware potential periods of being incapable of seeing the line. Sail your boat left bringing the Hamahed into the deeper water before the reef to be safe incase it would dive to the sea bed. Persist until eventually the Hamahed concedes and no longer applies force. The Hamahed will ocassionally appear to be surfacing but will suddenly apply pressure before getting into the boat.

    Nessy Difficulty: 4
    Nessy has yet to be found in Cat Goes Fishing. Some believe it only exists in a loched file. Others believe it not to exist in the games files at all.

    This section contains and highlights the fish added to the game in the update provided on April the 21st of 2018

    Small Fish

    • 8 Small Fish were added to the game bringing the total number of Small Fish to 33
    • All new Small Fish apart from the Sassy are located beyond the far reef

    Fish Profiles

    Medium Fish

    • 6 Medium Fish were added to the game bringing the total number of Medium Fish to 28
    • All new Medium Fish apart from the Cavin are located beyond the far reef

    Large Fish

    • 1 Large Fish was added to the game bringing the total number of Large Fish to 31

    Fish Profile

    Huge Fish

    • 1 Huge Fish was added to the game bringing the total number of Huge Fish to 8

    Fish Profile


    • The Sodafish currently is out of reach unless you swim to it
    • The Sodafish doesn’t contribute any known % to the Catalog or make an appearance in the Catalog for now
    • You can grab hold of the Sodafish while swimming indicating it is a Medium Fish

    Comment about the Soda Fish from the Cat Goes Fishing Dev: