Korum все для рыбалки

Korum все для рыбалки

Korum tackle is designed for the modern pleasure and specialist angler, offering top quality products that will help transform your fishing for the better. Take a look around the website for some fantastic content — from angling blogs and videos, to articles, fishing guides and of course, loads of information about our latest tackle.


I’m actually going to start in December 19 as it relates to something a bit further down the line. I’d had a Piking trip early December to Medway Valleys Trout lake, I’ve given it the odd go over the years without a great deal of success, a few mid double


My fishing generally revolves around specific targets and/ or an adventure ensuring that my fishing missions offer me a unique challenge, inspiration and motivation (something that is always needed that little bit more in lockdown and the cold winter we h


Usually, this time of year I would be seeing the season out on the river, chasing Chub before the shut down, but for obvious reasons that include the obvious and with it travel restrictions, add to that once again a very wet winter, my local Ouse haunts a

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